Designed and manufactured by T-Mar Industries, the Log Champ 250 Traction Winch is the solution to many of the challenges faced in steep slope logging operations. Using the traction winch allows logging equipment to operate safely when slope restrictions may not allow it. It is not designed to pull equipment, it’s job is to deliver necessary added traction.

Using a traction winch reduces soil disturbance and can save on fuel consumption and stress wear on machinery. With a 2900’ capacity using the Log Champ 250 Traction Winch allows your equipment to access timber in terrain that might otherwise be too steep to harvest.


ENGINE • Caterpillar C7.1  • 275 HP @ 2,200 rpm  • Turbocharged, air to air after-cooled.

CONSTANT • Hydrostatic bi-directional.

TENSION DRIVE • Constant tension, remotely adjustable.  • Tension constant within 2% regardless of machine movement.

WINCH • Lagged Drum with 2900’ capacity (1” swagged rope) or 2300’ capacity (1 1/8" swaged rope).  • Line pull limited to provide a 5:1 safety factor.

BRAKE • Spring applied Band Emergency and Parking Brake mechanically applies if hydraulic pressure is lost, power is lost, engine stops or emergency stop is pressed.  • Brake is always off in normal operation.

ANCHOR BLADE • Cupped blade for anchoring in soil or behind stumps or rocks.  • Fairlead with large sheaves reduce line wear and prevent reverse bends.

RADIO CONTROL • Travel, Blade, Winch and accessories 100% radio controlled.  • Operator stays in his cab and repositions remotely.  • No tie-in to machine required.  • Shackle and Go!

MOBILITY • 8” pitch Excavator Rail c/w 24” pads.  • Low maintenance spring type recoil.  • 2 speed Final Drives operates up to 45º angle.  • 36” ground clearance.

SPOOLING • 100% passive spooling system.  • Works in concert with Lagged Drum.  • No gear or hydraulic drive.  • No Diamond Jackscrew for easy maintenance and long life.

STRAWLINE • Optional Strawline Drum for rigging.  • Capacity: 4,500 ft. (3/8” diameter)   • Line Pull: 15,000 lbs.  • Brake: Hydraulic actuated disc.

GUYLINE DRUM • Optional Guyline Drum  • Capacity: 150’ (1 1/8” diameter).

HYDRAULICS • Triple piston pumps comes with valving.  • Provides flow for Winch, Travel, Blade and accessories.

SAFETY • Emergency shutdown on four points at corners of the machine.  • Emergency shutdown on radio.  • Machine shuts down if radio contact is lost.

CAMERAS • Optional Remote Camera System with three views.

SHIPPING • Operating weight: 65,000 lbs.  • Width: 11’  • Height: 9’ 8”  • Length: 21’