Re-Manufacture Aging Logging Equipment

Add years of operation life to your aging logging equipment with a T-Mar ReLife.

With 30 years of experience behind us we have the know how and expertise to help you get the most use out of your aging equipment. T-MAR’s extensive core remanufacturing program, called a Re-Life, restores worn-out equipment of all kinds to like-new condition.  It’s a great way to protect and upgrade your investment to bring your fleet to modern standards.  Our program is so complete that many commercial lenders offer the same financing as is available for new equipment.

Bring New Life Into Your Investment

• Restore Machine to Like-New Condition
• In-House Expertise on Cable Equipment

Replacement and Custom Parts Made On Premises 

• Full Welding and Machining Facilities On-Site
• Engineered Replacement Parts and Updates

Upgrade Your Machine 

• Replace Obsolete Components
• Enhanced Performance
• Reliable Electronic Control Systems for Yarders

CASE STUDY: Rebuilding a fire damaged Madill 123 Yarder.

T-Mar Industries takes on the challenge of rebuilding a fire damaged Madill 123 Yarder.Bendickson Contracting's Madill 123 suffered a fire that destroyed the powertrain, hydraulics and cab. The structure was spared however, leaving T-MAR with a challenge;  to rebuild the 123 without access to the now obsolete hydraulic components and gearbox.

The answer was to Re-Life the still good winch, components, and structure and update the rest. The powertrain and hydraulics were updated to a series 60 Detroit with Allison transmission and open loop A11V pump / Linde valve combination common on other machines. The drive and power input was modified to accomodate the new powertrain.  The cab was updated to an ergonomic seat/pod style layout with updated airboard. All components used were those available for other common machines without modification to ensure widespread parts availability for years to come.

The project demonstrates the engineering abilities and craftsmanship applied in the T-MAR Re-Life Program.

See the photo gallery (right) for more images of the Madill 123 Yarder Re-Life project.

CASE STUDY: Rebuilding a timed-out Madill 124 Yarder.

T-Mar Industries takes on the challenge of rebuilding a timed-out Madill 124 Yarder.Green Diamond's Madill 124 has been a key asset in their steep slope logging operation for the last 20 years.

In 2013, though, the machine had timed out. It was becoming increasingly unreliable and
maintenance costs were getting out of hand. The 124 was sent to T-MAR to be put through their ReLife program.  The extensive remanufacturing process saw every wire, hose, friction, nut and bolt replaced in the all inclusive program. The machine now operates with like-new reliability and productivity at a fraction of the cost of new.

See the photo gallery (right) for more images of the Madill 124 Yarder Re-Life project.