T-MAR Manufactured Yarding Grapple 

Using the latest 3D Modeling Software we were able to optimize the leg design to achieve maximum usable volume and superior balance. We designed the leg profile using computer models of various logs and bundles to ensure a positive hold on single logs and bundles for a grapple that’s fast, efficient and productive. The grapple opens easily without flipping over, even when empty.  You can count on our 30+ years of design, repair and manufacturing experience to deliver a quality Swing Yarder Grapple that helps make you and your company successful!

86" HEAVY DUTY - 86” x 2” QT100 Legs - Weight: 2435 lbs.
98" HEAVY DUTY - 98” x 2.5” QT100Legs - Weight: 2931 lbs.

Yarding Grapple Features

• Designed for maximum useful openings to gather logs.
• Innovative leg hanging arrangement provides excellent opening action and resistance to inverting.
• Can be reeved single or double
• Exclusive T-Mar Swivel Assembly swivels for block hook-ups.
• Innovative shackle style pivot keeps legs upright in all positions.
• Hangs onto bunches
• Small closing width for grabbing tops
• Integrated Rider Swivel
• Manganese Rope Guide
• Sheaves: 14" Centre I 10" Legs
• Closing Line: 1" Wire Rope
• Replaceable Manganese Steel Wear Buttons

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