T-MAR Forestry Equipment Attachments

T-MAR Log Grapples

T-MAR started building grapples over 25 years ago to fill the needs of the local logging industry. 

Loggers required a well built, reliable grapple that could withstand the rugged West Coast landscape; with parts and service support that they could count on. Over the years we have listened to equipment owners and operators and have continually improved and updated our grapples to make them the best in class! Today our grapples can be found throughout North America, New Zealand and Australia, shovel logging / hoe chucking, loading and unloading trucks, and in sort yards. More...

T-MAR Yarder Camera Systems

The T-MAR Yarder Camera features excellent HD picture quality while increasing safety and productivity. Keep production going on foggy days with poor visibility. The Grapple Camera allows for faster grappling in blind spots and long distances, giving operators a birds eye view of Choker Setters. The camera's transmitter works in broken ground conditions, over breaks and “fishing” in brush piles without losing contact. 

T-MAR Roc-Champ Drills

Our proven Excavator Mounted Rock Drill Package is perfect for demanding coastal roadbuilding operations.