A Legacy of Forestry Industry Equipment Design & Manufacturing.

Our roots run deep in British Columbia's Forest Industry.

In Campbell River in 1984 George Lambert and Gord Olafsen had a vision:  Develop a heavy equipment rebuild facility with mechanical, machining and welding services all under one roof for BC's logging industry. That’s how T-MAR Industries got its start in Campbell River, BC and has been building on that same vision ever since. Today T-Mar Industries is a leader in logging equipment design, remanufacturing and parts supply for the Forestry, Hydroelectric, Mining and Pulp and Paper industries.

Steep Slope Logging Equipment Design and Manufacturing

At T-MAR we are dedicated to making our customers more competitive. That means higher operating efficiency, higher reliability and superior customer support.
We do that by designing and building modern, efficient, fast and reliable machinery. Our purpose-built machines work harder and run faster than anything else on the market.  Our machines are built to last with, current components, innovative technology and quality workmanship.
We do it in a state of the art shop, with dedicated people and innovative engineering.  With a deep understanding and years of experience in cable equipment and logging grapples we design and build the best equipment possible.  Our skilled staff and updated tooling provide the high quality and availability that our customers demand.

Today the T-MAR team is 50 people strong including skilled Fabricators, Machinists, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Millwrights, Mechanical Engineers, Partsmen and Support Staff.  In addition to our successful remanufacture and repair business we have developed some brand new products including Hydraulic and Cable Grapples, Rock Drills and our flagship LogChamp Swing Yarders.   We provide parts and components for all types of equipment and can build custom replacement parts for all types of applications.  Give us a call or visit, there’s always something new going on at T-MAR.

Engineering is the foundation of our focus on supporting your Yarder and Loader cable equipment. It builds on our infrastructure of experienced mechanics, machinists, welder / fabricators, parts, purchasing sales and facilities.