T-MAR Manufactured Roc-Champ Drills

Our proven Excavator Mounted Rock Drill Package is perfect for demanding coastal roadbuilding operations. 

Compact Compressor Package
• Narrow profile allowing for deck level powder box and front mounted dust collector or fan
• 185 cfm sullair screw compressor
• Hydraulic cooling fan
• Easy maintenance access
• Shown with dust blow fan option

Integrated In-cab Controls
• Fits around existing in-cab controls for clean install
• All gauges in-cab: no straining to read gauges outside
• Built-in level indicator
• Simple and reliable        

Extreme Duty Centralizer
• Overbuilt centralizer built in-house
• Large replicable jaws
• Thick arms resist bending
• Lubricated bushings used throughout
• Well-guarded, simple and tough design

Hydraulic Feed
• Hose management with hose reel – advances with cradle
• Sliding cradle with stainless wear strips or rolling cradle options
• Fitted with 1238me drifter
• Smooth steady pressure
• Fits 12 foot drill steels     

Rod Adder Option
• Single rod adder available
• Adds a 10' steel
• Ssimple and reliable

Fuel Tank and Powder Box
• Optional extended range fuel tank built to suit existing counterweight for extended range
• Minimize fuel deliveries in remote locations
• Deck level powder box for easy loading and storage    

Deck options
• Easily store drill steels in machine deck with drill steel storage
• CME bit grinder also available
• Detergent, dust fan and dust collector options available

For a detailed specifications brochure on our ROC-CHAMP Drills click here.